Huckleberry Gin

Huckleberry Gin

A good drink is best shared with close friends. The Huckleberry gin - a tribute to friendship. Cheers!

As an unmistakable ingredient, we distill the gin from fresh huckleberries (blueberries) and these give the gin its unique taste and name.

22 botanicals - In addition to blueberries, juniper berries, angelica roots, ginger roots, a little cinnamon, and a hint of lavender are added. Lemon peel, elderberry and hop blossoms, peppermint, and raspberries provide the fruity note.

The fruity ingredients — especially the blueberries and raspberries — make the gin refreshingly fruity and leave a sweet berry aftertaste.

Our gin is distilled by friends for friends and so Huckleberry Gin is an ideal gift to friends and gin lovers.

Made in Germany

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