The Mallows Marshmallows

The Mallows

Organic marshmallows - coffee, caramel, Maldon sea salt & white chocolate
Coffee & caramel are organic gourmet marshmallows with vanilla flavor, coated with a soft creamy caramel, white chocolate, coffee and carefully flavored with crispy flakes of sea salt.

Organic marshmallows, pistachio + white chocolate
Pistachio + white choc are organic, gourmet vanilla marshmallows coated with white Belgian chocolate and natural pistachio. The beautiful green color comes from organic spirulina. Perfect for you who love pistachio! 

Organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla marshmallows + sour lemon
Organic sour lemons together with our, gourmet marshmallows. The taste is nicely sour with a sweet center of the marshmallow. A fresh combination of taste that balances the sour and the sweet perfectly. 

Organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla marshmallows – strawberry + blackcurrant
Strawberry & blackcurrant are organic gourmet marshmallows with strawberry and blackcurrant flavour. The taste makes you think about summer, sun, sweetness, and sourness from the fresh dried summer berries.


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