Events Calendar

We regularly host our own events or partner with others. Find out what's coming up in the list below.

If you're interested in hosting your own event with us get in touch!


Wednesday 20 March:

Store & Lunchroom close early at 15h for a private event

Tuesday 26 March:

Store & Lunchroom close early at 17:30h for a private event

Tuesday 02 April:

Store & Lunchroom CLOSED all day


Friday 19 April:

We are open! Lunchroom only from 10-18h

Saturday 20 April:

Lunchroom & Store open from 10-18h

Sunday 21 April:

Open for brunch! Lunchroom only from 10-17h

Monday 22 April:

Store & Lunchroom CLOSED all day 

Wednesday 15 May:

opening from 12h