P2 Pinot Gris x Pinot Noir


Stará Škola means Old School in Czech & this wine got this name for two reasons: grapes come from the oldest vines in Herzánovi's vineyards & it's been made the way our ancestors used to make wine - a field blend. By mixing all white wine grape varieties: Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Grüner Veltliner, Sylvaner, Neuburger, Müller Thurgau, & Pálava that grow in this particular parce you get magic. This is a beautiful, multi-layered wine that surprises the drinker by how harmonious these disparate grapes are done together. You might not know it is a field blend if not told. It's earthy & herbaceous (sage, basil, sarsaparilla), but there is still plenty of grape expression. Widescreen but not unfocused, those gnarled old vines come together, harmonize, and gel. One part of the wine was pressed directly, one had a few days of skin contact. Both are fermented & aged in used oak barrels for almost a year. Bottled without fining, filtration and absolutely no added sulphites, This wine is as simple & easy to drink/get your head around as you want, and also has complexities that only come out of such a big mix and the super ancient developed knotty vines.

Alc. 12% vol., 750ml

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