Plant Plugs


Grow fresh greens in your Indoor Garden Green Box.

This set containing eight PlantPlugs and seeds allows you to grow fresh greens all year round in your apartment with the help of your Smart indoor garden Green Box.
  • contains 8 PlantPlugs with seeds for:

    -2 x Cilantro PlantPlugs

    -2 x Thai Basil PlantPlugs

    -2 x Lime Basil PlantPlugs

    -2 x Red Basil PlantPlugs

    With its incomparable aroma, the coriander is essential for the cuisine of Thailand and Vietnam. Its freshness makes every spring roll a feast! The liquorice-sweet taste of Thai basil adds that substance to soups and sauces.

    With its striking colouring, red basil is an eye-catcher on the one hand - on the other, it enriches salads, sauces and vegetable and fish dishes. Lemon basil is particularly fresh. It also goes perfectly with fish and seafood - and drinks like lemonade!

How to use:
Put seeds into the PlantPlugs and insert the PlantPlugs into the GreenBox. Watch your plant grow! Harvest in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

PlantPlugs are made of coconut fibres, a by-product of the coconut industry. They are 100% biodegradable. They also contain a mineral fertiliser that provides the plants with good nutrients. In contact with water, the PlantPlugs retain their shape. Since virtually no particles are emitted, they are very clean to handle.

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