Man v Machine Coffee Beans

Man Versus Machine

Nudist - espresso blend

  • Origin: Brazil/Ethiopia
  • Processing: Pulped, natural
  • Cupping Notes: Sweet, Fruity, Full body

Sure Shot - espresso blend

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Processing: Pulped, natural
  • Cupping Notes: Sweet, Milk Chocolate, Full body

Serrinha - filter coffee / espresso

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Processing: Natural
  • Cupping Notes: milk chocolate, sweet, dried fruits

Diima Chelbesa - filter coffee / espresso

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Processing: natural
  • Cupping Notes: berries, bergamot, cotton candy, creamy

Decaf De Cana - filter coffee / espresso

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Processing: natural
  • Cupping Notes: sugary, creamy, tropical fruits

Package content: 250 gr. whole beans | Resealable coffee pouch with aroma valve

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